Pauline Douady is born in France in 1979. She always liked to draw and create. She studies at the Parisian faculty of economics and management, Dauphine University, and works 6 years in change management for an insurance group. It is the human aspect that prevails in her work, but she feels out of place and decides in 2010 to operate her own (r)evolution.

She takes a one way ticket to Buenos Aires, without knowing when she will be back. She will stay there 5 years, in he heart of the Argentinean artistic community, getting back to the path where she was before her studies. She will begin her studies of painting with the famous Argentinean painter, Jorge Demirjian who will teach her how to look at things to understand its shape, his link to other things and the power that it drains.

In the meantime, she begins a degree course at the School of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires which will be ceased by the necessary return of her family back to France. It doesn’t matter, the (r)evolution has begun.

Now established in Toulon, after two years in Anjou countryside, she dedicates her time to printmaking (wood etching and lithography), painting and conducting art events.


self-made artist with the great help of the following masters:

2013 and 2014, Buenos Aires: student at the studio of Jorge Demirjian

2015 and 2016, Paris: student at the studio of Martin Reyna

2015 to 2017, Angers: Lithographic studio of the school of Les Beaux Arts

2017 and 2018, Toulon : Printmaking studio of the school of Les Beaux Arts


Toulon (Provence Côte d’Azur):

October 2019: collective exhibition with the Printmaking association “Encre d’Art” (5 artists) at the Town Hall.

August 2019 – Hyères: one night live demonstration of etching and printing for “Les nuits blanches d’Hyères”.

mid June 2019 up to now – La Garde: personal exhibition of paintings and print makings at the co-working place City Var.

mid June-end of July 2019: collective exhibition of paintings and print-makings at the gallery Les Frangines

June 2019: live demonstration of etching at La rue des Arts (Toulon) for their 2nd anniversary

May 2019: participation as an artist at the first etching festival (Fête national de l’Estampe, Manifestampe) at Toulon at The Telegraphe

live demonstration, exhibition, workshops

May 2019: exhibition at the gallery Les Frangines with the Printmaking association Encre d’Art (5 artists). Live demonstration of the process of etching and printing

March 2018: Personal Exhibition at la Salle des Machines (Port des Créateurs), 50 people present for the vernissage.


May-june 2017: Personal exhibition at la Librairie Les Lettres du Temps, Paris 13. 50 people present for the vernissage.

Anjou, Maine et Loire (49):

October 2015 et 2016 : «Les arts à la campagne» collective exhibition, prinmaking and paintings.

September 2015 and 2016: Journées du Patrimoine: Collective exhibition at the Castle of Brignac (49)

Buenos Aires:

December 2014: Personal exhibition

Décembre 2013: Collective exhibition of the members of the studio of Jorge Demirjian (1932-2018)

Artistic process

My artwork is the result of a ceaseless constructing and destructing process. I begin with the observation of a subject, it can be a countryside or a situation. It is like a dialog between the subject that has its own existence and the act of looking at that subject and making it mine. This creates another dimension that applies to my reality. I chose to represent something or someone or a situation for the feeling it inspires me.

My painting is the projection of the movements of my mental pictures and my body in action it is both a visceral and cerebral painting. In my work, I try to understand our place in the universe, our frontiers, our limits.